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Church Planting or Church Revitalization: Which is Better?

Church planting seems to be in vogue today, attracting hundreds of young seminarians and Bible College men. This resurgence has resulted in an estimated 4,000 new churches being planted in North America every year. That is a trend for which all Bible-believers should be grateful. Yet research also indicates that about 3,800 churches dissolve and… Keep Reading

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Preparing Your Church for Parenthood

America has an estimated 200 million lost and unchurched people, more than the entire populations of all but four other nations.1 Yet today there are far fewer churches per capita than a hundred years ago.2 Many missiologists of our day contend that the best way to evangelize and fulfill the Great Commission is by means… Keep Reading

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Mentoring Future Christian Leaders

In this paper, I will focus my discussion on the biblical rationale for a mentoring internship in the training of future pastors and church planters. The development of a sound biblical basis for mentoring pastors and church planters is vital if churches and educational institutions are to profitably partner together in the grand task of… Keep Reading

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Building a Biblical Theology of Ethnicity for Global Mission

What does it mean for the church of Jesus Christ to live and do mission in a multicultural and multiethnic world? As we proceed into the twenty-first century, that is a question which evangelicals must increasingly face. Modern means of communication and the emerging world economy have transformed our world from a set of self-contained… Keep Reading

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The Biblical Basis for Multiethnic Churches and Ministry

North America is populated by a wondrous variety of people, nearly all of whom are immigrants. And in recent decades more and diverse kinds of immigrants have arrived on our shores. The notion that America is a melting pot for all the world‘s ethnic groups has been revealed to be a myth. A better analogy… Keep Reading

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