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Church Planting: Getting Started

Starting a new church can feel like jumping out of an airplane without a parachute if you’re not following the right steps. If you are new to planting, you have a ton of questions. It’s normal. Above all else, affirm your calling. Let others speak into your life. Listen to them. Don’t plant unless you… Keep Reading

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The Church Planter’s Call

Church planting is a highly specialized form of ministry. There is a huge difference between pastoring a church and planting a church. The focus of the pastor tends to be inward upon feeding the sheep and ministering to those who are already in the fold. The focus of the church planter tends to be outward… Keep Reading

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6 Indicators That You May Be A Church Planter

There are many places of service in the church. One category of ministry is pastoring. Then there are sub-categories, like children’s pastor, teaching pastor, etc. Not lesser ministries, just more targeted areas of service. One sub-category is church planter. Pastors who plant churches have a very specific calling with accompanying gifts. It is not a… Keep Reading

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What Are We Looking For in a Church Planter?

Vision-casting ability Someone who can see beyond what is to what might be. Sees resistance as an opportunity rather than a reason to stop. Is able to communicate a clearly articulated vision of the new work. Can not only communicate but can ask people to join them on mission. Provides pathways for people to connect.… Keep Reading

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